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Green World Products Listed among Medical Aids in South Africa
Green World is becoming a house-hold name throughout Africa including South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Cameroon, Ghana and D. R. Congo since its official operation only months ago. More and more African people are benefiting both physically and financially by distributing the Green World products, many of them enjoyed the Green World products so much so that they nicknamed the Green World Chinese herbal products as God-sent "Magical Oriental Herbs".


- This one of the most important nutritious element in our lives.
- It helps in physiological activities, metabolism, the growth of bones,
the formation of organs, the renewal of human tissues and energy.
- It improving a immune system and incretion and prolong life.
- Insufficient of protein in human body will cause malfunctions and the
systems of these are: memory decline, skin loosening, muscle weakness,
obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.

- it expel toxins caused by arthritis and rheumatism the body.
- It eliminates dampness and toxin accumulated for a long time within the
joints, thus achieving the goal of blood purification
- It relief pain caused by Arthritis and Rheumatism at the joint.
- It detoxifies the toxin accumulated at the joint.
- It activates and stimulates the body parapathetic nerves.

- It increases sexual desire.
- It improves sperm production, and enhances the oxygen content in the blood
which helps in penis erection from normal sexual performance.
- it regulates failure, gives power and strength to sexual abilities
- It takes care of low sperm count and impotency.
- Note: no side effects, safe and reliable. Suitable for mankind.

- This product can increase sexual stamina, relieve premature ejaculation
effectively, spermatozoa, flaccid erection and other erectile difficulties
caused by either physical or psychological factors.

- This product can increase individuality, energy and vitality, stimulate
sexual excitement, shorten the time to e horny, relieve the flaccid and dry
state of Vagina and relieve pain and discomfort in sexual activities.

- Highly effective for cancer cells.
- It treats more than 40 types of cancers and increase white blood cells
- It promotes wound healing and speed up recovery and restores physical
- It improves immunity ra[idly and good for leukemia.

- It s very effective for malaria

- It kills vaginal infections.

- It improves eyesight and prevent cataract, glaucoma.
- It relieves tiredness, dry eye of students and computer users.

- It prevents and cures diabetes.
- It improves and nourishes the intestine and helps excrement.
- It reduces blood fat, prevents and cures cardio-celebro vascular diseases.
- It helps to prevent colon and rectum cancer.
- It eliminates toxin in the body and nourishes the face and skin.


- It normalizes blood sugar level and high blood pressure.
- It treats kidney problems.
- It eliminates intestinal toxin and parasites (worms).
- It increases immune system and retards the process of aging.
- It reduces cholesterol, eliminates cold and humidity in the body.
- It cures vaginal disease.

- It strengths memory very strong.
- It strengthens the ones, and relive waist and back pain.
- It strengthens the immune system, and accelerates the growth of human
- It relieves insomnia, headache and regulates blood fats
- It balances high blood pressure.

- It cures bronchitis, asthma and neurasthenic
- It promotes quick healing of wound.
- It alleviates vomits and pain.
- It strengthens the blood vessel in the heart to supply blood and oxygen.
- It improves insomnia (difficulty in sleeping), it takes care of anxiety,
tinnitus and weakness.
- It promotes the composition of protein and nucleic acid and help in retard
- It prevents and cures coronary diseases. 

- It improves immune system and enhances the muscle, bone and nourishes the
- It improves the function of liver and kidney.
- It is effective in recognizing virus, tumor abscess and cure tissues injury.
- It is very good for those ling with HIV


- It improves immune functions and sexual ability.
- It improves digestion.
- It accelerates the healing process of wound.


- It calms the nerves, hasten sleep and has obvious effect on insomnia.
- It improves mental involvement, enhances brain function and boosts memory.
- It promotes growth of nerves cell , and blood circulation.


- It regulates female hormones and very effective for infertility in women.
- It prevents and cures cardiovascular diseases, cancer, menopause symptom
makes women skin smooth, elastic and fair
- It accelerates the brain activities, strong memory and nourishes the skin
- It maintains youthfulness and retard aging.

- It nourishes the brain, very useful for brighter eyes and retard aging.
- It speeds up nerves and makes memory very strong.
- It prevents blood clotting thrombosis and lowers high blood pressure.

- It possess capabilities of health care, fat burn and beauty
- It has a positive effect on various disease such as diabetes, gastric
ulcer, obesity, hepatic, eye and renal diseases, anemia, cardiovascular
disease, hypertension, hyperlipmia, pile, constipation and premenstrual
- It is rich protein, vitamins and help in wound healing.

- It relieve the lungs from cough, short breath and perspiration
- It is good for asthmatic and tuberculosis patients.
- It is good for stomach ache and also help in urine excretion.
- It si good fro premature ejaculation and frequent urination.
- It is suitable for the treatment of thrombosis, hepatitis and liver
- It reduces the risk of malignant cancer and brain tumors.
- It enhances the blood supply to the artery and relieves symptom of leukemia.
- It helps to remove the excretion of the internal toxin. It is a tonic and
preventive measure
- It is effective for infections.

- It relaxes the bowels and nourishes the intestine.
- It reduces blood fat and help in losing weight
- It relives back and waist pain
- It reduces blood sugar


- It helps to loosing over weight safely and steadily by regulating the
overall function of the body. This product has no complication.

- It suppress the absorption of fat in the intestine

- It is used to clear headache, cold, itching and red eyes
- It is used fro mental focus and strong memory.
- It promotes blood circulation and lower high blood pressure.
- It reduces cholesterol, prevent deterioration of the heart and brain
function and maintain proper body weight.


- It preserve youthful look by removing toxins
- It eliminates unpleasant breath
- It cleanses the bowel.

- It relaxes the body.
- It neutralize the effect of alcohol

- I keeps the normal metabolism and function of the body

- It prevent cold, cure catarrh
- It improve mental status
- Prevents skin infection
- It reduces cholesterol level


- it cure prevent and cure cardiovascular diseases.
- it improves blood circulation and reduce the excess of unsaturated fatty
- it is used for the treatment of tumors, diabetes and skin diseases



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